Netaxis Solutions Gains Ribbon Silver Partner Accreditation

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Netaxis Solutions Gains Ribbon Silver Partner Accreditation

Leading European Telco Systems Integrator Netaxis Solutions have gained accreditation as Ribbon Silver Partners and are the only Ribbon Silver Partner in Europe addressing the Carrier Core Network space with most partners focussing on the Enterprise.

Ribbon, recently formed from the merger of Sonus Networks and Genband, are a natural fit for Netaxis who before the merger were one of the few SIs in Europe to partner with both companies. As the larger merged entity, Ribbon have a product portfolio and customer base to cement their leading position in the carrier core network market with an ability to extend into the large enterprise space.

Being Silver Partners makes Netaxis the obvious source of Systems Integration and Support for telcos. The fact that Netaxis also has strong software development capabilities with products designed specifically for telco core networks is an added bonus.

Netaxis is an international business Headquartered in Brussels Belgium and with locations in The Netherlands, UK, France and Italy. Their customer base is global including the USA and Asia Pacific. The Netaxis mantra is to make life simpler for customers and with simplicity comes saving in both cost and time.

"Customer come to us time and time again. We are treated as trusted partners by telcos across Europe. Almost as an extension of our customers’ own development and engineering teams. Having this Ribbon Silver Partner status is something we have invested in and worked hard to achieve as we believe that it can only benefit our customers and allow us to give them even better service”.
Manuel Basilavecchia
Manuel Basilavecchia
CEO and co-founder of Netaxis

If you are looking at Session Border Controllers for a new build or perhaps because your existing equipment is approaching end of life you should have a conversation with Netaxis, acknowledged experts in the technology.

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