Faroese Telecom choose Netaxis APIO for BroadWorks Automation

Faroese Telecom

Faroese Telecom choose Netaxis APIO for BroadWorks Automation

Enabling self-care and automated provisioning for Cisco BroadWorks

Faroese Telecom is the leading telco on the Faroe Islands with a large installed base of Cisco BroadWorks customers. APIO from Netaxis provides FT with a solution fully automated provisioning for Cisco BroadWorks for both users and devices together with a modern self-care portal for end-users and administrators.

What did APIO from Netaxis do for Faroese Telecom?

"The use of APIO from Netaxis brings acceleration in onboarding new customers and enhanced self-service capabilities for our end-users. This clearly strengthens the competitive position in the market. The implementation of APIO went very smoothly and within 6 weeks we were fully operational!"
Faroese Telecom

How does APIO help with Cisco BroadWorks implementations?

APIO is a platform that simplifies the operation and integration of BroadWorks into an OSS/BSS and provides a powerful workflow engine that enables service providers to build a digital experience at a fraction of the usual effort. APIO reduces operational cost, accelerates business growth and results in higher customer satisfaction.

This is why we were able to get Faroese Telecom up and running with APIO on their BroadWorks platform in only 6 weeks. 


For greenfield sites the implementation of a self-care portal is very speedy – we can get you up and running in a lab in a matter of days and the step to production is straightforward. For more established telcos wishing to automate their networks Netaxis provide professional services to integrate existing systems into the new automated world. Customers see the benefit as does your bottom line.

As a growing business with a living roadmap for our software you can be assured that by working with Netaxis you are working with a company that will provide your business with new capabilities as the market demands. The availability of our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Cisco Webex modules are real world examples of this.

If you want to know more you know where to find us.

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